30 Apr 2013

DIY: home made e-reader sleeve

Recently, I got into knitting again. After about 2 decades. ;-)
I started this as a striped scarf, but then I bought a new e-reader...I read books on my iPad but that's far from ideal when reading in the sun, while an e-reader does an excellent job under all circumstances.
So, I turned my scarf (or what I already had knitted of it) into a sleeve.

18 Apr 2013

Nails: Illamasqua Mottle

I love Illamasqua. It's a daring brand that has some innovative colours and products. Plus the quality is just stunning.
I bought this 'speckled egg' nail polish shade Mottle (they have other shades as well).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

10 Apr 2013

Personal: struck with bronchitis

I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I'm off sick with a nasty bronchitis. No voice, painful breathing, horrible cough, running/block nose, the lot!

1 Apr 2013

Travel: London

Just back from 4 days in London. Damn, time goes fast when you're having fun.