22 Aug 2012

Nails: 2 coloured nails

Some time ago, the lovely ladies at mllsdemode.be had a tutorial on how to make your nails look fabulous in two colours. This week, I tried it myself...

18 Aug 2012

Nails: Blue Blue Electric Blue

Blue nailpolish is a tricky one. It's very difficult to find the right shade, not too dark, not too light. I've found the perfect one for me in the Bourjois range. Bleu Fabuleux!

16 Aug 2012

Organise: Bag in Bag

The girls from mllsdemode did a blogpost about the wonderful item that is a bag in bag.
I bought mine at amazon.co.uk but there are plenty of webshops selling these or variations on these bags.

14 Aug 2012


Finally, my proper summer holiday has started! I'm 2,5 weeks off work (only have to return September 3th) and I have a romantic break coming up in Venice! Just a little wait longer.....

10 Aug 2012

Beauty: BB Cream Garnier

Last week, I reviewed the BB cream by L'Oréal, this week it's Garnier's turn.

7 Aug 2012

2 Aug 2012

Beauty: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color

I'm very wary of commercials stating that lipstick or lipgloss lasts hours and hours. However, we have this consumer's program here, Volt,  that tests products and see what's real and what isn't. This lipgloss/lipstick did what it promised. So, worth to check it out!