27 Nov 2011

25 Nov 2011

Outfit : Winter Coat

Every two/three years I have the same problem: to find a good, decent yet fashionable winter coat. I need a really warm one cause I drive to work on my scooter, but I detest those 'duvet' type of coats. They honestly creep me out!
Last winter I found more or less the perfect coat at Mango...but it was quite expensive so I waited till the sales in January and bought it -40%, saved it till now so I have a spanking new one this winter. :-)

22 Nov 2011

Beauty: hand cream

I have the tendency to have very dry hands, especially in winter but also in summer. So, I always, without fault, apply hand cream before I go to bed and in the morning when I arrive at work.

21 Nov 2011

New poll!

77% of you voters buys clothes online! As do I! ;-)
There's a new poll online....So vote away.

20 Nov 2011

Beauty: skin care

I'm trying some new products at the moment: a daytime elixir and a nighttime skin cream.

18 Nov 2011

Outfit: Stripes

I quite like striped shirts & sweaters but often they are just not 100% what I want. I bought this shirt a while ago and even better, it has patched elbows! Strike! :-)
I think it's ideal to combine with a skinny jeans and some funky boots.

16 Nov 2011

Beauty: Bloom Mascara

Finding the right mascara can be a difficult task: do you want full and outrageous? Do you want finer and flirty? Do you want natural? etc.
I prefer waterproof mascaras that are also good for people with allergies or sensitive eyes. my eyes are very sensitive due to a problem with my tear glands, sometime I experienced badly when having corrective laser surgery 2 years ago.

One of my preferred mascaras is Bloom's Full & Flirty Waterproof Mascara.

14 Nov 2011

Outfit: Market day

On Saturday, I went to the market with my mum. It was a beautiful, sunny yet chilly autumn day so it was time to get out a  heavier coat.

12 Nov 2011

Cooking: Amarena Cherry Cake

Yesterday, it was my boyfriend's birthday and we had some guests coming over for a cheese fondue. I also made a cake for dessert (along with some other things).
The cake was flatter than expected but was very tasty.

11 Nov 2011

Beauty: Favourite Perfumes

Today I'll share my top 3 of favourite perfumes with you. I always have these three in stock...
But next to these I at the moment have a wide array of other scents waiting to be used...they are safely hidden in a dark space. :-)

8 Nov 2011

Fashion: Shopping outfit

Last week, I went to an exhibit here in Bruges and then went for lunch and some shopping. Best thing to do then is to not wear heels that are too high (cobblestones!).

Combined some older and some newer items.

6 Nov 2011

Nails: I am a star

This week, I tried another colour I bought from Catrice...I am a Star...
The nail polish is great dark colour...bit bronze, green, shiny. Really love it!

5 Nov 2011

3 Nov 2011

Poll results: Versace for H&M

71% of those who voted in the poll weren't too keen on Versace for H&M...

New poll up! :-)

2 Nov 2011

Beauty : Sebo Specific

As I've written before, I often order beauty products from Yves Rocher and have done so for many years now. A while ago I bought a new product I hadn't tested before.

1 Nov 2011

Shopping: Jewels

I recently found a really cool webshop, Quirkyboutique.com
They have a fun and special collection of jewellery and an excellent service! Ordered a couple of earrings and a wonderful necklace & it arrived in a week and a half...lovely communication via twitter as well.
So, highly recommended!

so, what did I buy?

it all arrived in colourful parcels...