31 Jul 2012

Beauty: Nude Magique - L'Oreal

In this avalanche of BB creams, it's not easy to know which ones are good and which ones aren't.
Some time ago, I bought the Nude Magique BB cream by L'Oreal.
BB creams usually have a SPF factor (in this case 12), prime your skin, make it more even, makes it more perfect. Ho hum!

27 Jul 2012

Shopping: New Collection

I've already been ordering stuff of the autumn/winter collection at La Redoute and 3 Suisses!

25 Jul 2012

21 Jul 2012

Perfume: Samples by Guerlin and YR

I have a stash of perfume testers and will review some here from time to time. First up are Insolence by Guerlin and So Elixir by Yves Rocher.

18 Jul 2012

Shopping: Sales

It's that time of year again....

Selection I bought at Yves Rocher and asos.com:

14 Jul 2012

Nails: 222 Winter Berries Jessica...just like Irene Adler

As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of Sherlock (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) and ever since seeing A Scandal in Belgravia featuring Lara Pulver as Irene Adler, I've envied her perfect red nails.
Thanks to the wonderful people from @Sherlockology I have discovered that they used 222 Winter Berries by Jessica in the series.

12 Jul 2012

Beauty: Yes to Carrots

Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Blueberries is one of my favourite brands of beauty products and now you can also get them at Kruidvat in Belgium. Yay for that.
I tried the exfoliating facial cleanser containing carrots (obviously) and apricot seeds.

10 Jul 2012

Nails: China Glaze - Lubu Heels

Got this polish at the Beauty night of my stylist friend. It's black mixed with red glitter.

6 Jul 2012

Shopping: New Fitflops!

I love Fitflops. They are so comfy but sadly, not all the models are as lovely. I own a pair of the original  Fitflops, in black, very basic. Since then I've been looking for a fashionable pair. Lately, they pimped their line considerably, and I bought this pair of fabulous Fitflop Frou Cosmic Purple at -20%. Am absolutely in love with them!

4 Jul 2012

Beauty: How long can you use your cosmetics? (Nederlands)


Cosmeticaproducten zijn beperkt houdbaar

Ongeopend zijn cosmeticaproducten vaak vele jaren houdbaar. Eens geopend, kunnen ze maar een beperkte tijd bewaard worden. Daarom noteert u het best ergens de precieze datum waarop u het make-upproduct hebt opengemaakt. De minimale houdbaarheid van een cosmeticaproduct wordt niet beïnvloed als u het even opent in de winkel. De contacttijd is erg kort en producten zijn voldoende geconserveerd om (voortijdig) bederf te voorkomen.
Wanneer een product na openen beperkt houdbaar is, staat de houdbaarheid van het product op het etiket aangegeven met een symbooltje: een potje met een deksel. In het symbool of erachter staat de periode dat het product houdbaar is na openen, bijvoorbeeld 12 M = twaalf maanden na opening. 

2 Jul 2012

Nails: Bellaoggi

This is the second colour I bought in Italy. This shade, Green Apple, is a lovely spring/summer colour that gives great cover.