26 Apr 2012

Shopping: Asos bling bling

Ordered some more items at Asos. Like you see, I didn't go bananas this time. ;-)

24 Apr 2012

Personal: Damn my leg

Just a quick note...am since yesterday stuck in a cast.
This is the reason why updates will be limited...

App of the month: Asos Magazine

While I was ordering some jewellery at asos.com, I noticed they have an Asos Magazine app for Ipad. Oh joy!

19 Apr 2012

Shopping: La Redoute

I've gone a bit loopy on La Redoute recently...and ordered a few dresses and a cardigan...

15 Apr 2012

Beauty: new perfume stash

I got myself a few more new scents in addition to my - already far too big - collection.

13 Apr 2012

Nails: Browno Mars

Since I bought a couple of new nail polishes lately, there'll be quite a few reviews of them... :-)

Here the next one!
Browno Mars (err?? ;-) ) by Catrice

11 Apr 2012

New: Read with music

From now on you can read this blog with some nice background music!
Just click on the top tab on the right and listen to my specially made playlist...Enjoy!

(you can also leave it on while browsing other sites...I'll update the songs regularly)

Nails: Green Couture by L'Oréal

Lord. It's been a while since I've been in love with nail polish but this is it....

9 Apr 2012

Beauty: Essentials

There are some products I can't go without. Real essentials. Although the other products I use may vary, these are always at hand...

8 Apr 2012

Happy Easter!

I got this yummie chocolate from my parents
from the Chocolate Line! <3

7 Apr 2012

Cooking: Mini Quiches

I love quiches, and when they are mini, I love them even more! This is a dead easy recipe...

5 Apr 2012

Stylish Men

On our girls' night out, my friend and me were discussing the men we think most stylish. Surprisingly, we agreed on most of them (just the order of most stylish differed) ;-)
Here's a look at my pick of the crop....Enjoy! ;-)

3 Apr 2012

app of the month: Camera Awesome

Never praised an iphone app before but there's a first for everything. Via twitter I stumbled across this most amazing camera app, Camera Awesome.

1 Apr 2012

TV: New Girl

I like serious TV. Boardwalk Empire being my current obsession. But there are evenings when a gal just wants to relax, have a wine and a nibble.
There is Pan Am, which is lovely. Christina Ricci is just heavenly it it. However, at the moment I'm totally smitten with New Girl.