31 May 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 5


Capital of perfume, here we come! Grasse is about 2 hours by train from where we are staying, and it doesn't promise to be an equally sunny day as the day before. We take the train of 8am, arriving just before 10 am, and first thinking we'll go up on foot (Grasse is located on a hill top) but think better of it and take a bus. :-)
The original plan was to go to Galimard and make my own perfume in a perfume workshop....but on advice of someone we met in Cannes the night before, we don't do that and have a private workshop with a perfumer in Grasse (thanks to his intervention!). So no perfume with my own name on it, but tons more info and just very interesting.

30 May 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 4


Was I excited? stupid question! Cannes was high up on my list and since we had some invites for parties and such, I have to admit I nearly hyperventilated with anticipation. :-)

Cannes is everything you think it is and more. But also, it's just quite laid back. The sun was shining, and once we were on the Croisette, we already were being filmed. (I honestly hope that footage ended up on the cutting floor) ;-) The thrill of being near that red carpet is just too much... Fangurling much?

29 May 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 3

Monaco - Monte Carlo

Just 10 minutes away by TER, we visited Monaco and Monte Carlo on Wednesday starting out with a brisk walk towards le jardin exotique, a beautiful garden full of exotic plants and flowers and with a smashing sight over Monaco. Absolutely worth a visit!

28 May 2012

Côte d'Azur : Day 1 & 2

On 14 May we took the TGV towards Nice. Everything went very smoothly, we could enjoy the passing landscapes under a lovely sunny sky and arrived on time in Nice. Our train to Menton had just left (of course) but the TER rides every half hour between Ventimigli and Cannes, so you  never have to wait long. Having said that, I must admit that we were knackered beyond belief when we arrived at our hotel Vacanciel and just had our dinner there. Bit of a mistake because the choice was very poor and the quality of the food not that amazing. After dinner we almost went straight to bed.
The hotel was a good choice, the rooms were quite big, it was very clean, the location is ideal (between station and city center), breakfast was as it should be. Downside was that the airco didn't work as it should, so when it was hot outside, it could be an oven inside and that the hotel is often frequented by groups. But hey, when you're out and about all day (and evening), that's no bother.

26 May 2012

Back home!

Our holiday to the Côte d'Azur is over and I'm back home. It was an amazing trip with a few parties in Cannes, seeing Bill Clinton, lots of sun, great food and wine, etc.
I'll dedicate a few posts on my trip, including sharing some goodies I bought. ;-)

Stay tuned!

11 May 2012

holiday: Côte d'Azur

Very sorry about the silence on this blog. Been stuck inside for 3 weeks with my leg in plaster but this evening I'm released into freedom. And on Monday, I'm leaving on holiday to the Côte d'Azur. (with special leg brace for safety)

Staying in Menton and planning visits to Cannes, Nice, Grasse, San Remo, Monaco, ... And make my own perfume at Galimard in Grasse. (Still thinking of a good name for that perfume...) I'm very very excited about it.

Here are some snapshots of things to come... :-)

5 May 2012

Trip: Lille

Last weekend, I went to Lille with 2 friends. For me it was a real tour de force having to hop around on crutches (afterwards, I don't think it was that sensible to go) but nevertheless it was lovely to see each other again.

2 May 2012

Shopping: Converse

After I'm out of this cast, I'll have to wear special braces for a while, and about the only type of shoe I'll fit into are the low converse shoes. I have one pair (black with studs, oh yes) but it's a good reason to buy a new pair in a vibrant summery colour! :-)