5 May 2012

Trip: Lille

Last weekend, I went to Lille with 2 friends. For me it was a real tour de force having to hop around on crutches (afterwards, I don't think it was that sensible to go) but nevertheless it was lovely to see each other again.

We stayed at Séjours & Affaires Lille, which is part of the Euralille shopping complex. I have mixed feelings about the hotel.
Good points are: the ample room in the apartments, the price, the location, the kitchenette.
downside: the reception isn't open 24h a day, not that tidy, no dvd player (even though the website said they did) and had almost no sleep due to the loud noise of the wind. we did stay at the 10th floor. And also the very early check out time.

Euralille itself is a true shopping walhalla - and for me a place a semi-torture now - but I did manage to do a bit of shopping anyway.

multicoloured striped t-shirt (Pimkie)

Kiko is a smashing shop with lots of nail polish and make up. And they had nail polish thinner! Been looking for that for ages. Also a new nail buff, cause my old one is getting a bit worn out.
Plus of course, a lovely colour. 
All nail polish are 2,50 EUR 

the kitchenette

Lille in the fog

the very cool ceiling of Brasserie Les Sports