31 Dec 2012

Personal: 2012 in lists

Best film:
Drive // Jane Eyre // Skyfall // The Dark Knight Rises // Carnage

Best TV:
Sherlock series 2 // The Hour series 2 // Boardwalk Empire series 3 // The Story of Film: an Odysee //  everything by David Attenborough // de Bende Haemers // Parade's End // Luther

Best song:
Skyfall - Adele // Runaways - the Killers // Quatre Mains - dEUS // Madness - Muse // Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware

Best album:
Following Sea - dEUS // 2nd Law - Muse // The Haunted Man - Bat for Lashes

Best gig:
Radiohead, Antwerp

Best book:
A streetcat named Bob - James Bowen

Best radio:
Hammertime - studio brussel

29 Dec 2012

Report: Salon des Femmes

My stylist friend organises an event called Salon des Femmes every 2 months. This month, it was the christmas edition with a DJ and lots of goodies!
Here follows a photo report...

26 Dec 2012

Personal: Christmas!

I just enjoyed having a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my bf, my and his family.
Although having some personal backsets in the family, we had a lovely cosy time, concluding Christmas Eve in the middle of the night, belting along together to The Sound of Music. :-)

23 Dec 2012

Beauty: Lookfantastic order

I've been on an Urban Decay shopping extravaganza on lookfantastic.com some time ago. Apart from a lovely dark brown liquid eyeliner (not pictured cause it arrived in a different parcel), this is what I got...

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19 Dec 2012

17 Dec 2012

Nails: Barry M Gelly

Barry M is a brilliant label for make up. Affordable and good quality. They now have a line of  high gloss nailpolish that's incredibly good.

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15 Dec 2012

Shopping: Desigual coat

The Desigual website recently had huge reductions on some of their clothes and you got 5 free nail polishes for free as well. :-)
I ordered this beauty with 80 EUR reduction (and free shipping)

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13 Dec 2012

11 Dec 2012

Shopping: Canterbury

Last Saturday, I went on my annual shopping trip to Canterbury. Once a year, for the past 19 years, in December I go there with my mum, and this year we had just amazing sunny weather.
And got back with a stash of stuff...
Here you see a selection of things I bought.

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30 Nov 2012

Beauty: Facial Pampering

I started using two new - for me anyway - products recently: Freeman Detoxifying mask and Biotherm Biosource exfoliating gel.

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28 Nov 2012

Shopping: Asos

I've started early with my christmas shopping this year, and while I was at it, I bought some stuff for myself as well...

This is what I found at asos.com...

24 Nov 2012

Nails: O.P.I. on Her Majesty's Secret Service

O.P.I. has released a whole range of James Bond-inspired nailpolishes. I recently bought On Her Majesty's Secret Service (yes, I broke my own nailpolish embargo), a glam dark grey with a hint of dark green.

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22 Nov 2012

Shopping: Chloé style handbag

I posted some time ago that I bought a Jane Birkin inspired bag at iwantthatmusthave.nl
This week I received my second bag, a Chloé inspired bag in wonderful brown leather...after it got sidetracked in the post, the lovely ladies at Iwantthatmusthave helped me to get the bag as quickly as possible. And it's a beauty!

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17 Nov 2012

Beauty: new M.A.C. stash

M.A.C. has launched its Marilyn Monroe range so I tried to score some stuff...yeah, well, it was sold out in a matter of hours but I did manage to buy some other great items!

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8 Nov 2012

Shopping: new items

Since I got rid of a rather large bunch of clothes, it has been time to restock. As you know, I've already bought some new items in the last few weeks.
This week I bought a few more items. I think I have enough now.  Possibly. Maybe. ;-)

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6 Nov 2012

Nails: Magneto - Drawn Together

No, I did NOT break my self-imposed embargo on nailpolish....this one I got for free at Salon de Femmes. ;-)
It's a magnetic lacquer but I used it the normal way.

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4 Nov 2012

Perfume: Juliette Has a Gun - Miss Charming

At Salon des Femmes last week, I fell in love. No worries, I'm still blissfully happy with my boyfriend! No, the lucky one, was a perfume by Juliette Has a Gun, a quality label for exclusive perfumes designed by the great grandson of Nina Ricci. They all have a very distinctive quality and have real character.
Most other perfumes in the range were a bit too poignant for me but this one, oh my lord! :-)

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1 Nov 2012

29 Oct 2012

Shopping: Swishing

We all have one or more items we've bought and after wearing them once or twice, you feel it's not quite ... well... you. Or books you've read but don't want to keep, or dvd's, cd's, ...
Instead of taking them to a second hand shop, you can go to Swishing events!
This is the fun alternative to taking your stuff to a second hand shop and waiting whether it will be sold or not...cause you can return with new stuff yourself!

25 Oct 2012

Beauty: Clarins Extra-Firming Day cream

Clarins is one of those brands that always delivers amazing products.
I recently tested the Extra-Firming Day cream and was very pleasantly suprised.

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21 Oct 2012

Beauty: the October Deauty box

My first box.
For 15 EUR per month, you get this amazing box stuffed with lovely beauty products. (worth much much more than 15 EUR).
So, what did I get this month?

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19 Oct 2012

Perfume: 2 tested

Today, I'll review Yves Rocher's new fragrance So Elixir Purple and Fragonard's Grain de Soleil.

17 Oct 2012

15 Oct 2012

shopping: Birkin style bag

I've been keeping an eye on iwantthatmusthave.nl for a while, lurking till that one fab item would come along...and it did. The Birkin bag by Hermès. in dark green.

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13 Oct 2012

Nails: Fred Said Red

Not the most original title by Catrice but a lovely red-orangy colour that gives excellent cover and keeps looking great for days!

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10 Oct 2012

Hair: Smooth Infusion - Aveda

One of the best products imaginable for smooth, glossy hair that's easily manageable.
Aveda has a brilliant range of products that all have that wonderful smell and amazing result.
When I went to the hair salon to have my hair cut almost 3 weeks ago, they used this and I liked it so much, when I noticed lookfantastic.co.uk had a special reduction on Aveda products I quickly ordered a bottle.

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6 Oct 2012

Shopping in Bruges

Yesterday, mum and me went for a shopping afternoon in Bruges. And of course, I bought some new stuff. ;-)

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3 Oct 2012

Haircare: Fekkai Coiff Controle

My new haircut requires more hair straightening. But we all know that those damned hair straighteners aren't the best friend of your hair. So....I found this amazing product on lookfantastic that you can use without hair straighteners!

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29 Sep 2012

Shopping: Desigual at Zalando

Had a coupon of 10% so browsed Zalando again and found this stunner of a dress by Desigual. Ordered it and am blissfully happy with it!

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27 Sep 2012

Shopping: Fleurfatale at Etsy

I discovered this amazing webshop on Etsy by Fleurfatale. Beautifully handmade jewellery in vibrant colours.
I ordered two pair of earrings and was stunned by how lovely they are.

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25 Sep 2012

Shopping: new boots

When I received the winter catalogue of 3 Suisses, I wanted to order a pair of boots right away. But, I had patience and waited for the first reductions....so now I got them for 119 EUR instead of 199 EUR. And I love them. I have been looking for a pair of long boots in just the right colour red. And here they are. I also love how the zipper doesn't go all the way up. much better for your nylons!

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23 Sep 2012

Personal: My (couple of weeks) in Instagram

Been a while since I did an update on this topic so these were the highlights of the past weeks...

21 Sep 2012

Perfume: 2 tested

I recently tested 2 more perfumes:

- Philosykos by Diptyque
- Fan di Fendi by Fendi

18 Sep 2012

Beauty: New Haircut

Went for a badly needed haircut today and went Pulp Fiction on it. Shorter at the back (she actually took her razors...) ... and I'm very pleased with the result!
Check it out!

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16 Sep 2012

Shopping: Anna Field Dress at Zalando

Recently, I made my first order at the new shopping site Zalando. Zalando already operated in Germany and Holland but now also in Belgium. The choice is ample, postage is free and if you have to return items, it's equally free and they make it dead easy. So, you can only win! :-)

I ordered this stunning red dress by Anna Field....

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13 Sep 2012

Beauty: Deauty

From now on also available in Belgium: deauty.be
(something that made me very happy!)

11 Sep 2012

Shopping: Venice

I actually was very good and didn't buy too much stuff. :-)
Here's what I did buy....

2 Sep 2012

Travel: Venice pictures

More updates about my trip to Venice will appear here, but you can see a selection of my photos here.

Enjoy! I sure did. ;-)

22 Aug 2012

Nails: 2 coloured nails

Some time ago, the lovely ladies at mllsdemode.be had a tutorial on how to make your nails look fabulous in two colours. This week, I tried it myself...

18 Aug 2012

Nails: Blue Blue Electric Blue

Blue nailpolish is a tricky one. It's very difficult to find the right shade, not too dark, not too light. I've found the perfect one for me in the Bourjois range. Bleu Fabuleux!

16 Aug 2012

Organise: Bag in Bag

The girls from mllsdemode did a blogpost about the wonderful item that is a bag in bag.
I bought mine at amazon.co.uk but there are plenty of webshops selling these or variations on these bags.

14 Aug 2012


Finally, my proper summer holiday has started! I'm 2,5 weeks off work (only have to return September 3th) and I have a romantic break coming up in Venice! Just a little wait longer.....

10 Aug 2012

Beauty: BB Cream Garnier

Last week, I reviewed the BB cream by L'Oréal, this week it's Garnier's turn.

7 Aug 2012

2 Aug 2012

Beauty: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color

I'm very wary of commercials stating that lipstick or lipgloss lasts hours and hours. However, we have this consumer's program here, Volt,  that tests products and see what's real and what isn't. This lipgloss/lipstick did what it promised. So, worth to check it out!

31 Jul 2012

Beauty: Nude Magique - L'Oreal

In this avalanche of BB creams, it's not easy to know which ones are good and which ones aren't.
Some time ago, I bought the Nude Magique BB cream by L'Oreal.
BB creams usually have a SPF factor (in this case 12), prime your skin, make it more even, makes it more perfect. Ho hum!

27 Jul 2012

Shopping: New Collection

I've already been ordering stuff of the autumn/winter collection at La Redoute and 3 Suisses!

25 Jul 2012

21 Jul 2012

Perfume: Samples by Guerlin and YR

I have a stash of perfume testers and will review some here from time to time. First up are Insolence by Guerlin and So Elixir by Yves Rocher.

18 Jul 2012

Shopping: Sales

It's that time of year again....

Selection I bought at Yves Rocher and asos.com:

14 Jul 2012

Nails: 222 Winter Berries Jessica...just like Irene Adler

As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of Sherlock (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) and ever since seeing A Scandal in Belgravia featuring Lara Pulver as Irene Adler, I've envied her perfect red nails.
Thanks to the wonderful people from @Sherlockology I have discovered that they used 222 Winter Berries by Jessica in the series.

12 Jul 2012

Beauty: Yes to Carrots

Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Blueberries is one of my favourite brands of beauty products and now you can also get them at Kruidvat in Belgium. Yay for that.
I tried the exfoliating facial cleanser containing carrots (obviously) and apricot seeds.

10 Jul 2012

Nails: China Glaze - Lubu Heels

Got this polish at the Beauty night of my stylist friend. It's black mixed with red glitter.

6 Jul 2012

Shopping: New Fitflops!

I love Fitflops. They are so comfy but sadly, not all the models are as lovely. I own a pair of the original  Fitflops, in black, very basic. Since then I've been looking for a fashionable pair. Lately, they pimped their line considerably, and I bought this pair of fabulous Fitflop Frou Cosmic Purple at -20%. Am absolutely in love with them!

4 Jul 2012

Beauty: How long can you use your cosmetics? (Nederlands)


Cosmeticaproducten zijn beperkt houdbaar

Ongeopend zijn cosmeticaproducten vaak vele jaren houdbaar. Eens geopend, kunnen ze maar een beperkte tijd bewaard worden. Daarom noteert u het best ergens de precieze datum waarop u het make-upproduct hebt opengemaakt. De minimale houdbaarheid van een cosmeticaproduct wordt niet beïnvloed als u het even opent in de winkel. De contacttijd is erg kort en producten zijn voldoende geconserveerd om (voortijdig) bederf te voorkomen.
Wanneer een product na openen beperkt houdbaar is, staat de houdbaarheid van het product op het etiket aangegeven met een symbooltje: een potje met een deksel. In het symbool of erachter staat de periode dat het product houdbaar is na openen, bijvoorbeeld 12 M = twaalf maanden na opening. 

2 Jul 2012

Nails: Bellaoggi

This is the second colour I bought in Italy. This shade, Green Apple, is a lovely spring/summer colour that gives great cover.

30 Jun 2012

Personal: personalised Macbook Pro and iPhone

A few weeks ago, I was my clumsy self and dropped my Macbook Pro. Next to nearly having a heart attack, I noticed that the corners of my beloved laptop were damaged....I really felt like crying. I always take such good care of my stuff and now this.
Thankfully, amazon came to my rescue....
I bought this swanky shell for protection slash covering the bruises...

28 Jun 2012

Nails: Kiko

When I was in Lille, I bought a coral-coloured nail polish of Kiko.

26 Jun 2012

Beauty: Peeling & Mask

Since my older products were all out, I started using these recently: The apricot peeling and grenade apple mask by Yves Rocher.

22 Jun 2012

Beauty: Daily Make Up Brush Cleaner

I bought this Make up Brush cleaner at Sephora in Nice after having looked for a product like this for a long time. I know something like this exists of Mac, but when I checked they were out of stock, so I was very happy to find this at Sephora.

20 Jun 2012

Nails: Bellaoggi

I bought this nail polish in Ventimiglia...probably one of last season's shades, cause it was only 1,50 EUR.

18 Jun 2012

Personal: new car!

Yup! I bought a brand new car last week!

A Dacia Sandero Ambiance in this colour...

16 Jun 2012

Beauty: Barry M eyeliner

I'm all into eyeliner, on the upper eyelid and below the eye. For the upper eyelid I usually use the cream eyeliner by the Make Up Studio, but I bought this Barry M eyeliner pen on ASOS not that long ago.