3 Sep 2012

Travel: Venice Day 2

27 August:

Today we start by going to Rialto market where there's a multitude of fruit & veg stalls, all looking equally tasty. We cross the bridge (where I bought an owl bag and in one of the small streets on the other side of the bridge, I bought a lovely black murano glass necklace - pics will follow in a separate post) and then take the boat to San Marcuola where we start our visit of the Cannaregio part of Venice. This is actually one of my favourite parts of the city. It's less busy, there are lots of bars and restaurants, shops, etc. The atmosphere is just more laid back.
We have lunch at restaurant Vesuvio which is recommended! Had an amazing spaghetti alle vongole there. Huge clams! hmmm. And also the best Soave wine we had during our trip. Just delicious.

After that we explore this part of Venice more and also visit the old Ghetto. There are still parts of the old wall that separated the ghetto from the rest of Venice during the war. It certainly is confronting. There are lots of Jewish restaurants there, including Gam Gam, where we will dine on Wednesday evening. (and is probably one of the best restaurants in Venice!)

There's a Grunland outlet shop nearby (the Italian Birkenstocks) and I buy a pair there. Not the most elegant shoes, I know, but for such trips, ideal!

We head in the direction of Ca' D'Oro, then further to Accademia, exploring all the narrow streets...And find a Sephora where I buy a lovely Urban Decay eyeliner. ;-)

We go back to the hotel to freshen up and then go and have dinner in a restaurant behind San Zulian church, on a lovely square. The menu is delicious, although it means having spaghetti alle vongole for the second time in one day (this time as a starter)...I don't mind since it's one of my favourite dishes. ;-) Main course is mixed grilled fish.
Afterwards we walk back to the hotel through various small streets...loved it!