27 Feb 2012

Shopping: New in from Asos

I ordered some stuff on sale recently at Asos.com
And by golly, am I pleased with it!

25 Feb 2012

Personal: Happy Birthday to me!

Last Tuesday, it was my birthday and I got some really lovely gifts from some of you out there. ;-) Thank you ever so much!! You know who you are....

23 Feb 2012

Hair: Nutrisse Mousse

I was recently shopping in my local drugstore when I noticed that after L'Oréal and Schwartzkopf, Garnier now also has a mousse hair dye. As I've posted before, I'm 100% happy with the John Frieda one but I wanted to try this one out as well.

19 Feb 2012

Body: Yves Rocher J-14 Minceur Café Vert

I have always been very wary of creams and lotions that promise smoother thighs. In my opinion just using a good body cream is enough.
However, a while back, I received a tester of J-14 Minceur Café Vert by Yves Rocher.

11 Feb 2012

SOS Chill

With the temperatures going below freezing point all the time, your skin and hair are suffering from the cold.
Your skin becomes dry and itchy, your hair frizzy and static.
This is my remedy...

9 Feb 2012

Beauty: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

I'm an eyeliner girl. And have been since I was 17. So I have used lots and lots of various pencils and crayons and have been very pleased by some and hugely disappointed by others. We are now talking about the black line under the eye...think Chrissy Hynde or Shirley Manson. It's my trademark look, in fact.
I bought the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in jet black (obviously) a while back and now just started to use it.

7 Feb 2012

Beauty: China Glaze nail polish

A friend of mine is  a make up artist and I bought two shades of nailpolish recently.
The brand is China Glaze and the shade is Midnight Ride. The quality is very good. It's a special colour, not quite purple, black or blue, but a mix of all that and I think that one coat might have been enough...however, I applied two coats.

5 Feb 2012

Shopping: Discovery of the week: Chez Véro

I was browsing my monthly magazine 'Goed Gevoel' last week when I noticed an interview with Véronique, who manages the creative webshop www.chez-vero.be. She makes all the jewellery herself and the idea is to have a fresh patch of additions every week.
I immediately fell in love with this ring...

3 Feb 2012

Shopping: Owl Dress

the lovely @micimic, who shares my obsession with owls, sent me the link to this gorgeous dress at asos.com. And of course, I couldn't resist. ;-)

1 Feb 2012

Shopping: Kruidvat

Thanks to Mademoiselles de Mode I was aware of Catrice ending some of their products. From February onwards, many colours, shades and other products wouldn't be available anymore because of a reboot.
So it was high time to get some stash before it was too late.