30 Nov 2012

Beauty: Facial Pampering

I started using two new - for me anyway - products recently: Freeman Detoxifying mask and Biotherm Biosource exfoliating gel.

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28 Nov 2012

Shopping: Asos

I've started early with my christmas shopping this year, and while I was at it, I bought some stuff for myself as well...

This is what I found at asos.com...

24 Nov 2012

Nails: O.P.I. on Her Majesty's Secret Service

O.P.I. has released a whole range of James Bond-inspired nailpolishes. I recently bought On Her Majesty's Secret Service (yes, I broke my own nailpolish embargo), a glam dark grey with a hint of dark green.

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22 Nov 2012

Shopping: Chloé style handbag

I posted some time ago that I bought a Jane Birkin inspired bag at iwantthatmusthave.nl
This week I received my second bag, a Chloé inspired bag in wonderful brown leather...after it got sidetracked in the post, the lovely ladies at Iwantthatmusthave helped me to get the bag as quickly as possible. And it's a beauty!

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17 Nov 2012

Beauty: new M.A.C. stash

M.A.C. has launched its Marilyn Monroe range so I tried to score some stuff...yeah, well, it was sold out in a matter of hours but I did manage to buy some other great items!

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8 Nov 2012

Shopping: new items

Since I got rid of a rather large bunch of clothes, it has been time to restock. As you know, I've already bought some new items in the last few weeks.
This week I bought a few more items. I think I have enough now.  Possibly. Maybe. ;-)

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6 Nov 2012

Nails: Magneto - Drawn Together

No, I did NOT break my self-imposed embargo on nailpolish....this one I got for free at Salon de Femmes. ;-)
It's a magnetic lacquer but I used it the normal way.

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4 Nov 2012

Perfume: Juliette Has a Gun - Miss Charming

At Salon des Femmes last week, I fell in love. No worries, I'm still blissfully happy with my boyfriend! No, the lucky one, was a perfume by Juliette Has a Gun, a quality label for exclusive perfumes designed by the great grandson of Nina Ricci. They all have a very distinctive quality and have real character.
Most other perfumes in the range were a bit too poignant for me but this one, oh my lord! :-)

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1 Nov 2012