30 Nov 2012

Beauty: Facial Pampering

I started using two new - for me anyway - products recently: Freeman Detoxifying mask and Biotherm Biosource exfoliating gel.

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Freeman Detoxifying Mask with Chocolate and Strawberry:

This mask has to be applied to the face and neck, left till it's dried and then rinsed with water.
In all honesty, the moment I opened it I just wanted to squeeze the whole tube in my mouth. The scent is just....so yummy! It's like putting dessert on your face.
The scent - thankfully - wears off a bit while you wear the mask and the result is a lovely soft skin that feels very pampered indeed.

Biotherm Biosource tonifying exfoliating cleansing gel:

This gel meant for everyday use is soft and a source of wellness for your skin. I'm used to Yves Rocher's exfoliating mousse and until now I never thought a product was as good as that but I must admit that the Biotherm is better and more pleasant to use. My skin feels softer and more hydrated.
I got this small tube in the October Deauty box and I can fully recommend it.