26 Jul 2013

Nails: Red Carpet Manicure

I'm slightly nailpolish-obsessed (no? really?) and at the moment there's a trend of making gellish nail kits affordable/easy to buy.
Gellish is basically applying long last nailpolish by using special products and a LED light to cure the various layers until you have nails so neatly polished they'll last up to 3 weeks or even beyond!

I bought the Red Carpet Manicure kit on BeautyBay.com with a serious reduction. I paid 90 EUR for the kit, including one colour (red). If you go to have a manicure plus gellish, it's easily 30 EUR over here. For 1 visit. Just saying.
Plus I like to experiment with these things.

23 Jul 2013

Make Up: Urban Decay De-slick mattifying powder

Being trapped in the current heatwave, I try to keep my make up fresh and glimmer free...Sadly, my trusted Kryolan transluscent powder is not sufficient under these conditions.
However, I bought Urban Decay's de-slick mattifying powder recently and it's a miracle! My face stays glimmer-free ALL day!!!

21 Jul 2013

Beauty: Deauty Respect Box July

This month's Deauty Box is a Respect Box. All products are biological/cruelty free/organic/...
Totally my cup of tea! And did I mention that all 5 products are full sizes?

15 Jul 2013

Beauty: Burt's Bees deep cleansing cream

In my quest for the perfect daily facial wash/mild scrub/... I've used a few. My latest one by Jason was good but in the end, the scrubbing was just a bit to rash.
It seems now that I've finally found the perfect one for my skin! Hurrah!

12 Jul 2013

Shopping at Hema

I went for a bit of shopping to Hema the other day and got hold of these items...

7 Jul 2013

Nails: OPI Cozu-melted in the Sun

I bought this one when it was on sale on lookfantastic.com
It's a lovely light shimmery summer shade that makes me think of beachy days and parties.

5 Jul 2013