26 Jul 2013

Nails: Red Carpet Manicure

I'm slightly nailpolish-obsessed (no? really?) and at the moment there's a trend of making gellish nail kits affordable/easy to buy.
Gellish is basically applying long last nailpolish by using special products and a LED light to cure the various layers until you have nails so neatly polished they'll last up to 3 weeks or even beyond!

I bought the Red Carpet Manicure kit on BeautyBay.com with a serious reduction. I paid 90 EUR for the kit, including one colour (red). If you go to have a manicure plus gellish, it's easily 30 EUR over here. For 1 visit. Just saying.
Plus I like to experiment with these things.

Here you see the whole kit (LED light, various coats, cleansers, ...) + 3 colours (dusky pink, red and black with a glitter)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is the result

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And this is after 2 weeks...pretty amazing, huh?

It's incredibly easy to use. Just buff your nails, clean them with the products included, structure coat, cure it for 45 sec under the LED, 1 layer of colour, cure for 45 sec, 2nd layer of colour, cure for 45 sec,  brilliance coat and cure for 45 sec.

Then use the purify cleanser to get rid of the stickiness on your nails and the colour that might be on the skin next to your nail, apply the cuticle nourishment, rub it in and you're done!! 

Amazing long lasting result!! Also tried it on my mum who can't keep nail polish intact for more than 2 days and she's still have impeccable nails after 2 weeks. 

5 star products!!

Animal testing info:
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