9 Jul 2013

Beauty: Payot Hydra Crème and YR Hydra Végétal

I tried and tested 2 new products recently.

Payot Hydra crème was part of a Deauty box. It can be used in the morning or/and in the evening and is a lush creamy texture that gives your skin hydration.
I use it in combination with the YR hydra végétal booster. I started using the booster on its own but my skin didn't benefit at all from that alone so I use the Payot cream with it now with a much better result. My skin feels more nourished in the morning.
It's handy to take along on holiday cause you can use it both as day cream and night cream. A good cream, nothing more nothing less.
The YR Hydra Végétal booster is more of a liquid gel texture. It gives instant refreshment but that withers away very quickly.

Animal testing info:
Both Payot and YR are not on the list of cruelty free companies.