30 Jan 2013

Nails: Desigual n°2

This is the second colour I got for free with my Desigual order.
In the bottle, it looked like a rather *green* green colour (think christmas trees and such) but once on the nail, it has a shade of blue to it, which makes it a rather lovely colour.

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24 Jan 2013

Nails: Nailtini Espresso

At my friend's event last month, there was a nail specialist there and they sold Nailtini nailpolish. I was totally unfamiliar with this brand

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19 Jan 2013

Personal: snapshots

Mid January proves to be a bitter cold time of year. argh.

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Snow is covering the whole street at 9 pm

17 Jan 2013

Nails: Desigual n°1

When I bought a coat on the Desigual website some time ago, I got a set of nail polishes.
I just tried out the first one.

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15 Jan 2013

Beauty: No Animal Cruelty

I've just spent a week lying on my back because of a blocked lower back and that gave me the time to do some research regarding make up and other beauty product that don't use animal testing. I've always tried to buy products that weren't tested but I've often failed, often because I didn't do my research properly or because of changing policies by the brands. My new year's resolution is to from now on only buy things that weren't tested on animals.

11 Jan 2013

Nails: Magnetic Nails

Remember that I posted something here about a magnetic nailpolish I got for free at SdF some time ago.  Back then I applied it the 'normal' way, so without the magnet. This week, I tried the magnet.

7 Jan 2013

Shopping: Sales! - part 1

Although I set out not to buy too much, I did get home with some amazing deals...
Here's a selection of what I bought (apart from underwear - lovely bra by SAPHH - and leggings from New Look...) :-)
(Part 2 will feature a selection of items I bought in online sales including a couple of dresses, jewellery, make up and such)

5 Jan 2013

Personal: snapshots

Christmas holidays are now over..Some snapshots of the last 2 weeks...