30 Jun 2012

Personal: personalised Macbook Pro and iPhone

A few weeks ago, I was my clumsy self and dropped my Macbook Pro. Next to nearly having a heart attack, I noticed that the corners of my beloved laptop were damaged....I really felt like crying. I always take such good care of my stuff and now this.
Thankfully, amazon came to my rescue....
I bought this swanky shell for protection slash covering the bruises...

28 Jun 2012

Nails: Kiko

When I was in Lille, I bought a coral-coloured nail polish of Kiko.

26 Jun 2012

Beauty: Peeling & Mask

Since my older products were all out, I started using these recently: The apricot peeling and grenade apple mask by Yves Rocher.

22 Jun 2012

Beauty: Daily Make Up Brush Cleaner

I bought this Make up Brush cleaner at Sephora in Nice after having looked for a product like this for a long time. I know something like this exists of Mac, but when I checked they were out of stock, so I was very happy to find this at Sephora.

20 Jun 2012

Nails: Bellaoggi

I bought this nail polish in Ventimiglia...probably one of last season's shades, cause it was only 1,50 EUR.

18 Jun 2012

Personal: new car!

Yup! I bought a brand new car last week!

A Dacia Sandero Ambiance in this colour...

16 Jun 2012

Beauty: Barry M eyeliner

I'm all into eyeliner, on the upper eyelid and below the eye. For the upper eyelid I usually use the cream eyeliner by the Make Up Studio, but I bought this Barry M eyeliner pen on ASOS not that long ago.

13 Jun 2012

Nails: China Glaze - Cherry Bing

I now own 3 China Glaze nail polishes. My friend sells them and I just can't resist them.
China Glaze is in the same range as Essie and OPI. It's a polish with more intense and special colours, and a great quality.

11 Jun 2012

Site of the month

The fabulous babes at mllsdemode.be blogged about this site and of course, I signed up right away.
fashiolista is a great tool to discover people or items that you might like fashion wise. You can follow people, add items to lists and share them, choose your style, etc.

9 Jun 2012

Night for Beauty Queens - report

Last week, my good friend since we were 12 years old, Marian, organised an evening for beauty queens. You could go for a colour analysis, have your make up done, buy jewellery, buy make up, have a fitness analysis, ... She also sells this amazing professional make up. I have already a nice stash of her products and it's the best.

Marian is a professional stylist, make up artist, colour expert, personal shopper,...
It turned out to be a fun night and also very informative. Had my colours done (of course a winter type, as expected ;-) ), had my eyes done (great smokey eyes!) and met some new friends, including a stunning model Sofie.
In short, a true fun girls' night out!

7 Jun 2012

Nails: Gosh Orange Drops

This is my new orange shade by Gosh, Orange Drops. I'm quite into orange-y colours since last year and when I saw this one on the shelve, I went for it.

5 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 11 & 12

Èze and way back home

A colleague of mine had warmly recommended visiting Èze, a tiny medieval village in the mountains only to be reached by car (which we didn't have) or on foot (Nietsche's path, he supposedly got his idea for Also Sprach Zarathustra whilst walking here), through the mountains. I (thankfully) had taken my cane along but the hike was much heavier than anticipated mainly due to the very rocky path and the hot weather. We took nearly 2 hours to reach our destination and met many people who were equally close to giving up. Don't get me wrong, the hike is worth it, the scenery is just stunning but why is it so frigging dangerous to walk there? In some parts you have to push the plants aside.

4 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur: day 10


Antibes is situated between Nice and Cannes and is a lovely small town with a magnificent marina (no, not you, Marina! :-) )
There is a special dock for the BIGGEST yachts you can find (some as big as ferries) and there's special security, so you can't get too close to them. We saw one big ass yacht with a heli on top. But the smaller ones (that in my eyes were big but now I've seen the others...well...) are also stunning.

3 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur : day 9


The weather was all good again and today we were going to Nice. I love that city. It's a rather big place, but not too big, and stuffed with shops, beautiful buildings, narrow streets, the sea, ... basically, Nice has it all. We discussed that if we would go back to this area we would stay in Nice.
We first went to visit the largest orthodox Russian church outside of Russia. Sadly, there was a service going on and we couldn't go around the building (some very nasty looking security guy told us in a rather creepy way). So, we headed straight back into the direction of the city center.

2 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur: day 7 & 8

Monaco - old town

The weather forecast told us that today would be a grey and wet day, so we went to the old part of Monaco where there's tons of stuff to do inside as well.
The morning was windy, grey but dry so when we climbed the stairs to Le Rocher, we mainly had to make sure our jackets were well closed.

1 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur : Day 6

Ventimiglia - Roquebrune - Cap Martin

We took the train in the direction of Ventimiglia, just over the Italian border. The moment you get off the train, the feeling is so different from the South of France. Just a few kilometers apart but two different worlds: more chaotic, people were not as friendly, very very busy. We heard afterwards that Ventimiglia has become a hotspot for criminality, especially the old part of town. Still, it's worth a visit.