1 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur : Day 6

Ventimiglia - Roquebrune - Cap Martin

We took the train in the direction of Ventimiglia, just over the Italian border. The moment you get off the train, the feeling is so different from the South of France. Just a few kilometers apart but two different worlds: more chaotic, people were not as friendly, very very busy. We heard afterwards that Ventimiglia has become a hotspot for criminality, especially the old part of town. Still, it's worth a visit.

We walked towards the old part and had a stroll along the coast, then headed towards the famous market place, did the shopping streets, had lunch (risotto) in a small café, did some more shopping and early in the afternoon we took the train back to France.


On this bridge between the new and the old part of town, lovers hang these locks as a symbol of their love

two swans with chicks

Got off at Roquebrune and had some wine on the beach. There is a fab beach pub there, it's totally isolated, only some people sunbathing, very quiet and peaceful. We witnessed a Jewish couple cleansing all their new dishes in the sea water...is this some kind of religious ritual? If you know, let me know!


Jewish couple

After finishing our wine, we found this path (Path Corbusier) where you can walk along the bay towards Cap Martin and Carnolès. We started the walk (which would finish at our hotel 2,5 hours later!) and man, it was worth it! Fantastic views over the bay, lots of people crossing our path, enjoying the sun...fantastic.
Beautiful plants and flowers as well. When we arrived in Cap Martin, the weather had started to change, there was a very strong wind which made the sea extremely wild. We actually witnessed the couple before us being absolutely soaked by a huge splash of water on the road!

On the way to Cap Martin

Corbusier bust

stormy sea

When we arrived back at the hotel, we were quite shattered! But we had dinner at Le Gambas Rouge (again) (mixed grill of seafood....that's half a daurade, calamar, lagoustines, ...).

Afterwards, we headed for Cannes again for a party there...which was quite something... :-) And I briefly met Tom Hardy (Lawless was just shown that day) who seemed just as excited to be there as I was! Even got a little hug from him...Just wished he didn't have that weird beard...or I wasn't already a bit tipsy. ;-) But hey, what a fantastic guy (as I expected!)... I fear I probably gushed a bit too much over how good I think he is. ;-)) There was someone saying that Gary Oldman was there as well, which made me completely frantic but from what I've heard, he wasn't even in Cannes at all! But I also met Nick Cave. Which was very nice! :-)

We got a ride towards the hotel at a mysterious hour of night. :-) Already planning a quiet Sunday to cope with our hangover. :-)


Pupa eyeliner - 2 nail polishes