31 May 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 5


Capital of perfume, here we come! Grasse is about 2 hours by train from where we are staying, and it doesn't promise to be an equally sunny day as the day before. We take the train of 8am, arriving just before 10 am, and first thinking we'll go up on foot (Grasse is located on a hill top) but think better of it and take a bus. :-)
The original plan was to go to Galimard and make my own perfume in a perfume workshop....but on advice of someone we met in Cannes the night before, we don't do that and have a private workshop with a perfumer in Grasse (thanks to his intervention!). So no perfume with my own name on it, but tons more info and just very interesting.

We start with a walk around town (in the rain, sadly) where Fragonard is omnipresent. We visit the gallery of Fragonard with art work (paintings, etc), the costume museum by Fragonard, and of course the place where the actual perfumes are made and the shop. ha!

Grasse is a town that has many streets like in a maze, going up and down, with small shops, lots of arty shops, flowers in the street, etc. It was also the annual Rose Festival with a fantastic display of clothes and such inspired by roses, a rose market, food with roses, ...

We had lunch (a lasagna) in the center of town (the owner had three very cute dogs) and in the afternoon we had our private workshop which was extremely informative. We ended it with a second shopping spree at Fragonard and wine at Café des Musées.
I can fully recommend going there when you're in the area. It's beautiful and the streets actually smell of flowers in some parts. Absolutely stunning.

We took the train back (almost missed it actually!) and after having freshened up, we had dinner at a Restaurant Angelo, again an Italian restaurant. This time a bit more pricey, but we had a very delicious steak followed by crêpe Suzette. And wine. obviously. ;-)


Fragonard: Violette & Mademoiselle Amour perfume (gift pack) (+ samples) - skincare: cream and serum (+ samples)
Galimard: scented soap (gift)
Guy Bouchara: Gardenia perfume