30 May 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 4


Was I excited? stupid question! Cannes was high up on my list and since we had some invites for parties and such, I have to admit I nearly hyperventilated with anticipation. :-)

Cannes is everything you think it is and more. But also, it's just quite laid back. The sun was shining, and once we were on the Croisette, we already were being filmed. (I honestly hope that footage ended up on the cutting floor) ;-) The thrill of being near that red carpet is just too much... Fangurling much?

I could go on about the filmfestival forever but the truth is, Cannes is lovely in itself. The old town is quite wonderful and it really pays off to take a boat trip to Îles de Lérins where you find a fantastic forest and an old fort where according to the legend, the Man in the Iron Mask was kept for a while.

There are lots of restaurants in Cannes, and we had lunch near the harbour and also near the old center in a fantastic restaurant (I totally forgot the name but it was on the corner of the steep street upwards) with amazing service and wow...that food! I had the pasta with salmon (de-lis-cious) and my bf had the grilled salmon...equally yummy. With Minuty rosé wine (by now already my favourite ;-) )

After exploring the old town, we went for a mini shopping spree in the Rue d'Antibes.

In the evening we met up with some friends of my bf, had sushi and went to a groovy party where I mostly had to explain about my leg braces. :-) Yep, it's an excellent party gimmick.
I have to admit, I did loose my heart to Cannes. We went back a few nights later for an even groovier party. ;-)

the red carpet

The Carlton dedicated to The Dictator

pap stands

the old town

Hotel de Ville

Can you spot all the featured films? 
(this was opposite our restaurant at lunch)

Hitchcock wants you! 

On our way to Îles de Lérins

the fort


goodie bag!


now on the bedroom wall

a foldable water bottle! Genius!