30 Mar 2012

Nails: Sand Francisco

As many of you know, Catrice ended a whole range of products. Those products were then sold half price and so I bought some eye shadow and nail polish.

28 Mar 2012

Outfit post: 2 outfits

Today, I'm sharing 2 outfits with you.
First one mainly consists out of clothes from H&M.

25 Mar 2012

Beauty: Nail polish Pixi Glow

When I ordered some stuff at asos.com recently, I also bought this nailpolish by Pixi, Pixi Glow. It only came in 1 shade...bright pink! Perfect for spring & summer!

the cute bottle with tinkerbell all over it

23 Mar 2012

Beauty: Perfecting Toning Lotion - Yves Rocher

I never wash my face with water in the morning. Water has a tendency to make my facial skin very dry. I clean it thoroughly with a lotion or tonic. 
Recently I started to use the Perfecting Toning Lotion by Yves Rocher.

21 Mar 2012

Nailpolish stash

My nailpolish stash is ever-growing and I needed a new way to arrange them. 
I used an old tray to present nibbles, with 4 compartments, and now have arranged them according to colour.

18 Mar 2012

Shopping: Spring shopping in Bruges

Last Friday, I went for a tasty lunch at Oude Burg 22 (sadly, they are quitting and the place will be taken over by some Italians) and a small shopping spree with my mum in Bruges.
And some Mojitos Royal. ;-)
Here a selection of what I bought....

15 Mar 2012

Photo: Easter Chocolate

Am planning to share some photos with you on here as well from now on.

I took this one last weekend...

14 Mar 2012

Beauty: Annick Goutal Petite Chérie

Now that spring is finally approaching, it's time for a slight switch in my choice of perfumes. Time for some lighter and fruitier scents and so I started using Annick Goutal's Petite Chérie.

11 Mar 2012

Shopping: Style Scrapbook/Kipling Camera bag

I love my reflex camera and I have one of those handy (dull) dark camera bags that also fits my extra lenses. However, often I just need my camera with the standard lens on it and I hate to carry it around unprotected.
Kipling in association with Style Scrapbook has now come up with the perfect answer to my needs!

9 Mar 2012

Hair: Curlers

I love luscious and wavy hair and I'm extremely lucky to have thick, easy and slightly wavy hair of my own. Now that it's growing longer again (after periods of shoulder length, short, etc) I've resorted back to using my curlers!

7 Mar 2012

Shopping: Chez Véro

A little while ago, I posted my new discovery, Chez Véro, a webshop with unique pieces made by Véronique, a lovely lady from the same town where I live. (see sidebar for link)
I just ordered three more rings ...

4 Mar 2012

Beauty: True Match

It's hard to find the perfect foundation. In summer I only use a tinted day cream with SPF but in winter I need more colour or I'd become totally transparent. ;-)
I don't really have a foundation I'm loyal to, I seem to try different sorts all the time. Some are good, some aren't.
Now I'm using L'Oréal's True Match (colour: Vanilla Rose 02)

2 Mar 2012

Beauty: ADN Végétal

Recently, I started using the day cream, serum and night cream of the ADN Végéal line by Yves Rocher. It promises to reduce pigment spots and signs of scars and the like. Since I have a terribly fragile skin, I thought I'd give it a go.