18 Mar 2012

Shopping: Spring shopping in Bruges

Last Friday, I went for a tasty lunch at Oude Burg 22 (sadly, they are quitting and the place will be taken over by some Italians) and a small shopping spree with my mum in Bruges.
And some Mojitos Royal. ;-)
Here a selection of what I bought....

A floppy hat! Yes, finally I got one! You'll see me walking La Croisette in May :-)
H&M 14,95 EUR

bright scarf
H&M 5, 95 EUR

Black skirt in lace
H&M 14,95 EUR

some savoury items...

Wasabi Ginger Dressing (very yummy in chicken wok)
Mustard Dill Dressing (tasty with salmon in a cold pasta salad)
both 4,95 EUR at Oil & Vinegar

A selection of teas 
Dille & Camille (2, 25 EUR each)

Summer sandals...fell in love straight away...
Giraldo 55 EUR

Trixy likes them too :-)

The window display at The Chocolate Line - my favourite chocolate shop in Bruges!
Very Aardman inspired.

got some chocolate there (and some special items not displayed here! :-))

My mum went into Classics, a lovely antiques shop in Bruges for some jewellery and there I saw this lovely Frog King....just had to have it.... 
got it for 19,90 EUR