9 Mar 2012

Hair: Curlers

I love luscious and wavy hair and I'm extremely lucky to have thick, easy and slightly wavy hair of my own. Now that it's growing longer again (after periods of shoulder length, short, etc) I've resorted back to using my curlers!

3 sizes: M, L & XL curlers. The M & L ones are also thermal, which means that when you blow dry your hair, they hold the heat for a while and give you even a better result!

Yes, I do look silly while wearing them, but who cares?! :-)

result! Lovely wavy hair!

This is what it looks like after a night of sleep, wearing a helmet (twice) and a day at work. :-)

If you have thin hair, you'd better not use the velcro curlers I use. There are other options!
price per 6 curlers: 2,29 EUR at Kruidvat.