2 Mar 2012

Beauty: ADN Végétal

Recently, I started using the day cream, serum and night cream of the ADN Végéal line by Yves Rocher. It promises to reduce pigment spots and signs of scars and the like. Since I have a terribly fragile skin, I thought I'd give it a go.

First up, the night cream. Very light texture and a pleasure to use. My skin feels hydrated all through the night till I wake up. It's not too rich but is an excellent moisturiser. I also find it handy that it comes in a pump flask. So, a definite yay!

The serum is equally pleasant to use. Also a light slightly more creamy texture and a perfect base for the day cream.

The day cream is light and more gel-like. You don't need a lot and it hydrates your skin perfectly. The only quarrel I have is that it's a less perfect base for applying foundation. You have to be more careful with the quantity of foundation you use (very little) and blend it well. Let's say it's easier to have a more creamy day cream but once the foundation is applied it does stay pitch perfect.

My skin feels very hydrated and looks very healthy. This is definitely a combination that works brilliantly for me.