31 Dec 2011

Travel: Paris Day 1

On 23 December we left for Paris to spend the Christmas days there. Since there were problems with the trains the days before, we left insanely early and of course, the trains never were more on time. ;-)
We arrived in Paris a bit after noon and checked into our hotel. Hotel Chalgrin is very much recommended. It's a beautiful, boudoir sort of hotel, ideal for a couple of nights with the man or woman you love.
The old man who welcomed us was a bit eccentric to say the least. :-)

30 Dec 2011

2011 in lists

Main events of the year:
The Arabic spring, Fukushima, Belgium getting a government, the drama at Pukkelpop.
On a personal level: being happily in love.

29 Dec 2011

Fashion: Christmas outfit

As I've posted here before, I bought my christmas dinner dress at Mango just before we left for Paris.
Loved wearing it. In fact, I'll probably wear it for our New Years drinkies at work.

28 Dec 2011

Beauty: Barry M

I bought the golden shatter effect by Barry M in Canterbury some weeks ago. Now I've tried it for the first time on top of a red nailpolish.
It was a bit hard to get the right amount, not too much not too little, seems like it only went just right on the last few nails. ;-)

22 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Tomorrow morning, if all goes well with the trains, I'll be off to Paris for 5 days with my boyfriend to spend the Christmas days over there. It's a very special trip for us and we found a unique hotel located at 2 minutes from the Champs Elysées.
I will write a travel report when I'm back but in the mean time ...

19 Dec 2011

Beauty: Dr Hauschka Rose cream light

The cold and wet winter air can be a brutal attack on your skin. It makes it dry, itchy and thirsty. I drive to work on my scooter everyday, through rain, wind, melting snow, etc. And now with temperatures (finally) dropping, it's very necessary to pamper my facial skin as much as I can.

I always use Dr Hauschka's Rose cream light during the cold winter months. It's a fantastic barrier against the chills and it's a good base for a light foundation as well.

14 Dec 2011

Shopping: new dress

On the 23th, my bf and myself are going to celebrate Christmas in Paris for 5 days. On Christmas Eve we've got a romantic dinner planned so I thought it'd be a nice opportunity for a new dress. ;-)
Found a lovely one at Mango. Only 1 left and exactly my size. That's fate.

12 Dec 2011

Daytrip: Brussels

Yesterday, I went to the Christmas market in Brussels with two friends. The weather was lovely, the food was good and the company was fun! :-)
Here some pictures!

10 Dec 2011

Shopping: Canterbury part 3

I always tend to buy a lot of shampoo and other haircare products when in the UK, the range is wider and more varied.
At Superdrug, I bought a whole stash of Frizz Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner by Aussie. This is my absolute n°1 shampoo. After only one rinse, my hair is shiny, frizz-free, and luscious. You can't imagine how happy I am with it! :-)

8 Dec 2011

Shopping: Canterbury part 2

One of my favourite shops is Boots. But now I noticed, actually I already noticed it when I was in London in August, that Superdrug is slightly cheaper than Boots! So we first went to Superdrug (next post) and what we couldn't find there, we bought at Boots. Again, some special offers and reductions were in order. result: me happy! :-)

6 Dec 2011

Shopping: Canterbury part 1

Next to buying food supplements at Holland and Barrett, christmas cards at a card shop and panties at M&S, I also bought some more 'interesting' stuff in other shops. ;-)

5 Dec 2011

Decoration: Christmas

I've put the christmas tree up this last weekend. Some snapshots of how my home looks right now.

4 Dec 2011

Travel: Canterbury

Yesterday, I went on my annual Christmas shopping spree to Canterbury. Ever since the Channel Tunnel has opened, I've been there once a year in December together with my mum. The very first time I've ever been there was when I was 9 years old, with the ferry from Ostend to Dover. The journey took 4 hours (so 8 in total!) and when we arrived in Dover, we hopped on the train to Canterbury.
It has changed completely! Even in the last year, so many new cafés and restaurants have popped up! And of course, it's a bit of a shopping heaven. ;-)
I will show you a selection of what I've bought in the next couple of posts (so stay tuned this week! ;-) ) but today I'll show you some snapshots of the day trip itself.

1 Dec 2011

Jewels: Owl Crazy

I love owls...and jewels with owls. A couple of years ago, you didn't see them everywhere as you do now. And in all honesty, the mass population of owls in jewel shops hasn't been very good for the quality of the jewels. Many now look quite cheap (the art is to find cheap jewels/clothes/shoes that look rather expensive! Love that! ;-) ) and break easily.
Anyway, I've got a little collection of my own, and always on the look out for more (but good ones!)