30 Jan 2012

Beauty: Roc Sublime Energy

I got a sample of this new product by Roc in the mail for free some time ago.

28 Jan 2012

Beauty: Essie nailpolish

I ordered this smashing nailpolish by Essie at Asos.com a few weeks ago. And it immediately is one of my top 3 favourite polishes. What a fab colour. And Essie is just such good quality.

26 Jan 2012

Shopping: T-shirts galore!

I recently been on a shopping spree at RedBubble.com for funky Sherlock T-shirts...Their collection is massive.

And I found something I've been looking for. For ages!! A Grease T-shirt! :-) I used to have one when I was little but never found the one I wanted in my size or with the right print. So finally, success!

24 Jan 2012

Shopping: New collection

Last week, I hopped into H&M for a quick glance at what they had and I found this pretty dress and cardigan.
The sleeves go to the elbows, the fabric is really nice and cool and I just love the pattern of dark blue and orange/red dots.

20 Jan 2012

Beauty: red nailpolish

Tried the second nailpolish I got from @frangwinter recently....a lovely wine red colour.

18 Jan 2012

Shopping: mailorder sales

As many of you know, I'm a bit of an asos.com junkie. So when it's sales it's high time to order some stash!

16 Jan 2012

Beauty: Catrice Mascara

Always ready to try out new products, this mascara by Catrice appealed to me because of the oddly shaped brush. It promises a fake lash result.

14 Jan 2012

Shopping: Sales!

Been to the sales and although I was quite sure I was not going to find or buy anything, I went home completely packed! ;-)

A selection on things I bought:

12 Jan 2012

Christmas gift

One of the things my boyfriend gave to me for Christmas I wanted to share with you, cause they are so damn pretty....
white golden earrings in the shape of butterflies...

10 Jan 2012

8 Jan 2012

Travel: Paris Day 5

Our last day in Paris. We took the metro towards Le Bastille and walked through le Marais, a lovely neighbourhood with great shops. Visited Place de Vosges, a nice hidden gem. Le Marais has quite a lot of hidden small gardens, certainly worth a visit!

6 Jan 2012

Travel: Paris Day 4

Boxing day started in La Défense. We first did a spot of shopping in the huge mall there. Bought some stuff at Sephora.

mascara (Benefit) - blush (Sephora) - eyeshadow (Sephora) (also on pic, the lipstick and perfume samples from Colette)

4 Jan 2012

Travel: Paris Day 3

On Christmas Day we first visited le Sacré Coeur and Montmartre. There was a little Christmas market going on there.

2 Jan 2012

Travel: Paris Day 2

Our second day in Paris mainly consisted out of shopping. After breakfast we headed to the area behind the Opéra and started off in H&M. What a difference with the shops here, everything is so clean and tidy there. It really feels like being in a posh boutique.