2 Jan 2012

Travel: Paris Day 2

Our second day in Paris mainly consisted out of shopping. After breakfast we headed to the area behind the Opéra and started off in H&M. What a difference with the shops here, everything is so clean and tidy there. It really feels like being in a posh boutique.
I bought a cardigan, a beauty bag, legwarmers (which I've worn a lot in Paris) and cute hair accessories with a bow. 

After that we headed to Galeries Lafayette which was of course beautifully decorated. I love looking around there...My boyfriend bought a wonderful coat there and I got a gorgeous hat (and some sexy lingerie, no pics of that! ;-) ). 

The window displays of Galeries Lafayette and Printemps are gorgeous. Printemps was completely in Chanel-mode. 

We had lunch at Galeries Lafayette in a Chinese restaurant there (in between loads of gadgets and such...so hard to resist!)

After that we also hopped into Lafayette Maison and Habitat. Then it was a walk towards Madeleine and then towards Les Tuileries. 

Near the Louvre a young Asian bride was posing in her wedding dress...but she was prepared for the chill. ;-)

some more snapshots of the area around the Louvre...

We had a drink at café Le Palais Royal, a place I always go to when in Paris. Then we did a bit more shopping at Colette, once again trying to resist all the gadgets they have there (I resisted, bf not really ;-) ) But I did buy a lovely lipstick. A colour I've been looking for for some time now, not pink, not orange, not red but something in between. Finally, I found the exact shade I wanted!

Ohh la la by Topshop (and I got 2 perfume samples with it) - 12 EUR

Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the Christmas Eve diner. 

We dined at Au Petit Marguery, a lovely French restaurant. For Christmas Eve it was of course a fixed menu (with a choice out of two starters and two main courses) but I looked at the normal menu and it also looked really good. Food was excellent!!

and just when we thought we'd burst....a sabayon with grand marnier! 

At 11pm diner was over and we went for a walk along the Louvre and the Seine....Lovely.

After which it was time to get back to the hotel. We exited the metro station just at midnight and my boyfriend thought it necessary to yell 'Merry Christmas' very loudly and start snogging me in the middle of the street. ;-)