14 Jan 2012

Shopping: Sales!

Been to the sales and although I was quite sure I was not going to find or buy anything, I went home completely packed! ;-)

A selection on things I bought:

knickers!! Love these from Vila. Already have a collection of them. (were 3 EUR a piece). The one on the left is actually greenish instead of this weird grey on the pic.

owl necklace (9,95 EUR) and handbag (32,95 EUR instead of 52 EUR) at Sasha. Fell instantly in love with the necklace. 

Gorgeous skirt by Manoukian I bought at Galeria Inno. 35 EUR instead of 70 EUR. 

Lush skirt by Caroline Biss that fits like a glove. 65 EUR instead of 130 EUR. 
close up of the lovely texture below. Was last one left. whoop!

Long sleeved top at Zara in a lovely fabric. You can't see it on the picture very well, but it's a bit shiny. Love the design when it's on. 9,99 EUR instead of 23,99 EUR.

Also bought some items on sale from asos.com. Blogpost about those will follow later.