16 Jan 2012

Beauty: Catrice Mascara

Always ready to try out new products, this mascara by Catrice appealed to me because of the oddly shaped brush. It promises a fake lash result.
I've tried it for over a week now and this is how I feel about it:
The first few days I messed up. I had to get used to the shape of the brush which is a lot wider in the middle than the average mascara brush. So I had too much mascara on my lashes and in my eye. oops.
I did instantly get used to using the curly end of the brush for the fine lashes on the in- and outside.

Practice makes perfect and now I'm totally used to it. I can now put the right amount on my lashes and use the brush as it should be and I'm very pleased with the result. Where my lashes stuck together at first, they are now perfectly seperated and indeed very long and very black. The curly end is just perfect to target every lash. It's not waterproof but you don't get those nasty black flakey bits around your eyes so it does hold very well (as long as you're not drained by a sudden rain shower!) 

This is a mascara for people with patience to learn how to use it, and who are used to using mascara. 
I might certainly buy it again!

more info here