30 Jan 2012

Beauty: Roc Sublime Energy

I got a sample of this new product by Roc in the mail for free some time ago.

As it is a primer, it promises to be an ideal base for make up and to make you look younger and less tired. 
I don't actually have many wrinkles or fine lines, so I'm not sure in how far it makes them fade but my skin did look more vibrant. 

The texture is a bit odd and colour is grey-ish black. When you apply it, it melts onto your skin and almost creates a film of protection. Your skin feels unbelievable smooth, and dare I say it, airbrushed. Everything you put on top of that, equally melts onto your facial skin. 

The quality of the product is undeniably very good. It's a perfect base for other products and make up. The one thing I disliked was the texture although you hardly need anything for your whole face.
Not sure yet if I'd buy it again, but I have to say, it does almost everything it promises.