8 Jan 2012

Travel: Paris Day 5

Our last day in Paris. We took the metro towards Le Bastille and walked through le Marais, a lovely neighbourhood with great shops. Visited Place de Vosges, a nice hidden gem. Le Marais has quite a lot of hidden small gardens, certainly worth a visit!

Place de Vosges 

Archive Nationale

We strolled through le Marais until we reached Centre Pompidou again...

Because it was really chilly in comparison to the days before we went into BHV shopping mall next to the Hotel de Ville...It's a bit like Galeries Lafayette but less beautiful inside. ;-)
For fans of Annick Goutal perfumes, they do have the full range there! 

A last glance at Notre Dame...

We had lunch at Le Royal again, where it was insanely busy. Once again the salmon (cause it was so good the first time!) and dessert was chocolate mousse. nom nom nom!!

We walked via les Tuileries, Concorde, Champs Elysées and then took the metro to the hotel to collect our suitcases and were off to Gare de Nord....our Thalys was just next to the TinTin Thalys. ;-)

taken from inside our train

and so a perfect trip came to an end....

useful Iphone apps when travelling to Paris:
- Paris - offline map: excellent app with offline maps (hence the name! ;-) ) and ideal to search for everything you can think of. Even toilets. :-)
- RATP: must-have app with metro lines, schedules, ...