6 Dec 2011

Shopping: Canterbury part 1

Next to buying food supplements at Holland and Barrett, christmas cards at a card shop and panties at M&S, I also bought some more 'interesting' stuff in other shops. ;-)

First stop was Debenhams. I love shopping here for clothes. Last year I scored a great Jasper Conrad handbag, a Red Herring watch and some other stuff...It was reductions galore so I had a good look around. Saw some amazing fake fur jackets but then my sensible side pops up - yes I actually have a sensible side! - and I started to wonder how often I'd wear that...although I secretly wish now I did buy one! ;-)
Anyway, I bought a great Jasper Conrad light shirt in a lovely fabric, some funky and very pink slippers and shoe soles. (including a pair for high heeled shoes! woot!) The shirt was at -30%, so was very pleased!

Mr Simms is a brilliant candy shop where you would just love to buy everything in sight. Got some Jack Daniels filled chocolates for my dad's christmas pressie and also some sugar mice for myself. They are a bit like those sugar baby jesus things we put on christmas cakes here. Love them! ;-)