8 Dec 2011

Shopping: Canterbury part 2

One of my favourite shops is Boots. But now I noticed, actually I already noticed it when I was in London in August, that Superdrug is slightly cheaper than Boots! So we first went to Superdrug (next post) and what we couldn't find there, we bought at Boots. Again, some special offers and reductions were in order. result: me happy! :-)

left to right:
My usual hair styling products: Charles Worthington's Volume Vavavoom spray (magic in a bottle!) - Elvive light glossy hair spray
Boots bath foam: one eucalyptus and one special for muscle pain 
n°7 very dark black mascara
Strepsils that warm your throat (or so it says)

the n°7 Lash Adapt very dark black mascara. 
It's new in range, so very curious to try it (as soon as my current one is finished). I wanted to buy my usual one (Bloom's flirty waterproof lashes) but it was sold out at Superdrug.