4 Dec 2011

Travel: Canterbury

Yesterday, I went on my annual Christmas shopping spree to Canterbury. Ever since the Channel Tunnel has opened, I've been there once a year in December together with my mum. The very first time I've ever been there was when I was 9 years old, with the ferry from Ostend to Dover. The journey took 4 hours (so 8 in total!) and when we arrived in Dover, we hopped on the train to Canterbury.
It has changed completely! Even in the last year, so many new cafés and restaurants have popped up! And of course, it's a bit of a shopping heaven. ;-)
I will show you a selection of what I've bought in the next couple of posts (so stay tuned this week! ;-) ) but today I'll show you some snapshots of the day trip itself.

L: some tasty window displays, R: mum in front of The Weavers

In Mr Simms Candyshop

R: shopping bags galore


At Café Rouge

Canterbury by nightfall