4 Mar 2012

Beauty: True Match

It's hard to find the perfect foundation. In summer I only use a tinted day cream with SPF but in winter I need more colour or I'd become totally transparent. ;-)
I don't really have a foundation I'm loyal to, I seem to try different sorts all the time. Some are good, some aren't.
Now I'm using L'Oréal's True Match (colour: Vanilla Rose 02)

First of all, I don't like foundations that give too much cover. The result has to be natural and light. This one does exactly that. you hardly need anything and the result is really good. And stays good! You have slightly more work in blending it but the result is better than with a lot of other foundations.
The finished look is natural, you don't look 'too done up' and if you finish it off with some translucent powder (I use Kryolan, which is just p-e-r-f-e-c-t) you'll look pitch perfect for the rest of the day or night.
And budget-wise, this is also a very good choice. :-)