29 May 2012

Côte d'Azur: Day 3

Monaco - Monte Carlo

Just 10 minutes away by TER, we visited Monaco and Monte Carlo on Wednesday starting out with a brisk walk towards le jardin exotique, a beautiful garden full of exotic plants and flowers and with a smashing sight over Monaco. Absolutely worth a visit!

view on Le Rocher with the Princial Palace

Another good thing about Monaco are the public lifts! Since I was pestered with leg braces (after my scooter accident in April), these were heaven sent. :-) We explored the lower side of Monaco (leaving le Rocher for another day) but to be honest, that part of Monaco is underwhelming. it's tiny there and the place is stuffed with huge buildings. And an extra low point was that the whole place was covered with seats for the GP that was going to happen the week after. You could hardly get to the harbour! A stroll along the water meant walking along iron cages. Ah well.

Casino of Monte Carlo

Café de Paris

We went into the casino of Monte Carlo for a short visit (I've been there many many years ago for an ultra speedy visit), and then we did some shopping but left for Menton quite early in the afternoon.

beautiful decorations at the former hotel Mondial in Menton 
(an older man passed us when I was taking these pictures and said I was the first he ever saw taking pictures of these) :-)

Menton in the early evening

kitty on a rock near the sea

Statue near the sea

We had our lunch earlier in an Italian bistro in Monaco where we drank the worst wine in history. And had a (thankfully) good dish of scrambled eggs with mushrooms.

Dinner was back at Le Gambas Rouge (grilled Daurade).

I've bought a ring and matching bracelet.