3 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur : day 9


The weather was all good again and today we were going to Nice. I love that city. It's a rather big place, but not too big, and stuffed with shops, beautiful buildings, narrow streets, the sea, ... basically, Nice has it all. We discussed that if we would go back to this area we would stay in Nice.
We first went to visit the largest orthodox Russian church outside of Russia. Sadly, there was a service going on and we couldn't go around the building (some very nasty looking security guy told us in a rather creepy way). So, we headed straight back into the direction of the city center.

Then we walked towards the old town center which is just so beautiful. Churches, shops, restaurants, ... all in very narrow streets, lots of art shops as well. It's a fabulous and cosy place. And of course, very busy with tourists.
In the Cathedral there was a special service for St Rita and roses were sold at the entrance...I don't think I've ever seen so many roses sold in such short time.
You could wander around there for hours, and one day to visit Nice is basically just not enough. We saw the highlights but am eager to see more.
Anyway, we had lunch in a pancake restaurant where the menu was 1 savoury pancake and 1 sweet pancake for 8,50 EUR. And boy it was delicious. The pancake mix for the savoury one was so different from the sweet one...filled with egg, cheese and ham. The sweet one I took with dark chocolate. yummmm.
Opposite the restaurant there was a fish market and it was fun to see the seagulls fighting over the left overs.

After lunch, we headed into the direction of the sea towards Hotel Negresco. This hotel is very famous and many of the rich and famous stay there. You can see a gigantic crystal chandelier in the hall from the street. Then we walked back, passed the casino and all the other amazing buildings and the sea on the other side. There's such a nice atmosphere here...
We headed towards Le Chateaux. It's not actually a castle, there still are some ruines but mainly it's a beautiful green area, on the top of a hill. There's a lift towards it (which we took) and there you have a stunning view over Nice, a restaurant and a small place where you can drink something. Many of the locals come here for a stroll as well.

On our way back, we did some shopping at Sephora and then with pain in my heart we left again.

savoury pancake

In the evening, we had dinner at Le Nautica again where we took mussels (again) but this time they weren't as good. Some were not hot at all. Bit of a disappointment.


fresh stash of blotting papers! (never go without them) and make up brush cleaner.

ray ban style sunglasses