4 Jun 2012

Côte d'Azur: day 10


Antibes is situated between Nice and Cannes and is a lovely small town with a magnificent marina (no, not you, Marina! :-) )
There is a special dock for the BIGGEST yachts you can find (some as big as ferries) and there's special security, so you can't get too close to them. We saw one big ass yacht with a heli on top. But the smaller ones (that in my eyes were big but now I've seen the others...well...) are also stunning.

The old town of Antibes is charming. There are shops, a market, narrow streets, nice open places where you can drink something, there's the Picasso museum (Picasso lived here for a while), a whole labyrinth of small streets, a old wall where you can walk on along the sea (well worth doing!)...
We started the day with visiting the marina, having a look at the beach, going into the old town and visiting the market. The smell of the spices, herbs, flowers,....divine! Very lovely people too! There's an actual absinthe museum on the corner next to the market.
There's a very laid back and relaxed feeling to this little town. This a true holiday hot spot.
We had lunch on a square (a goatcheese salad. very yummy!) and then went for a walk along the sea. Lots of young guys were climbing on the rocks and jumping off, bit crazy if you ask me.
We ended the trip with a drink near the marina (actually one of the best wines we had during our holiday!)
A brilliant and very relaxing day!

new way to dry your clothes! ;-)