23 Feb 2012

Hair: Nutrisse Mousse

I was recently shopping in my local drugstore when I noticed that after L'Oréal and Schwartzkopf, Garnier now also has a mousse hair dye. As I've posted before, I'm 100% happy with the John Frieda one but I wanted to try this one out as well.

I took a colour very similar to the John Frieda colour I usually take. As with John Frieda, there's plenty in it for longer & thick hair (something that wasn't the case with the L'Oréal and Schwartzkopf hair dye) but the colour is not as beautiful as it was with John Frieda. It's good but not as good. :-)

When I use Frieda, I only have a bit of colour washing off when I wash it the first time after I've dyed it. It's more with the Nutrisse. 

But overall, the result is pretty good and absolutely the best one out of the 3. Schwartzkopf and L'Oréal aren't nearly as good as the Garnier. But John Frieda beats them all. Easily. 
However, when I'm out of Frieda, I'll go for the Nutrisse as a back up.