19 Feb 2012

Body: Yves Rocher J-14 Minceur Café Vert

I have always been very wary of creams and lotions that promise smoother thighs. In my opinion just using a good body cream is enough.
However, a while back, I received a tester of J-14 Minceur Café Vert by Yves Rocher.

It was a 30ml tester and I could use it for 2 weeks which surprised me. But what surprised me even more was how quickly the area I applied the smooth and light cream to, became incredibly soft and tight.
The difference was noticeable not only in feel (silky soft) but also in appearance (tighter). Mind, if you have cellulite dimples, I doubt it will make those fade, but I never expected such a good result after only a few days.
So, now, I just ordered 2 bottles and started using it again since last Wednesday, and yes, I can already feel it.
I was highly doubtful and sceptical at first but I have to admit, this cream really does a great job!