9 Sep 2012

Travel: Venice Day 5

30 August:

After having breakfast and packing our suitcases, we visit the area around San Giovanni & San Paolo. This is a basilica where many doges are buried. It's also next to a hospital and it's funny to see all the ambulances floating by.
Then we go to Rialto and take the boat to Giudecca and have a stroll there. We also visit San Giorgio.
After that we head back to Via Garibaldi and have our lunch at a restaurant there. I take the sea bass in sparkling wine sauce (again yummm).
It's again very sweaty weather so we head into the direction of the Biennale parc and have some icecream (pure chocolate and amarena) while we just relax a bit.
Finally, it's time to go and collect our bags and take the boat back to Piazzale Roma where we buy some sandwiches for on the plane and have our final glass of white wine (in Venice anyway).
Then on the bus and to the airport.
Once in Belgium, it rained terribly again...we were in a huge roadblock, saw various accidents and finally arrived back home...rather shattered but very happy.