5 Sep 2012

Travel: Venice Day 3

28 August:

Today we visit Murano and Burano which means a longer boat trip. On our way to Murano, we stop at the cemetery of San Michele. This is a separate island full of graves.
Then onwards to Murano. Today is probably one of the hottest days of our trip, outside a shop we see it's 41°C....sweat is pouring from us.
Murano is a lovely island with lots and lots of glass factories and also glass art in the streets. Although it's busy, it's not too busy (you really only have that at San Marco, Rialto and Accademia).
Before we leave for Burano, we had a panini at a small food stall.
Burano is something else, it's simply gorgeous....all the houses are in different colours. It's tiny but there are a lot of restaurants, not to mention the shops. While glass is Murano's speciality, lace is Burano's.

After our visit we catch the boat back and have a quick stop at Lido. This is totally different than the rest of Venice, with a beach and such. We have some wine and then return to the hotel.

In the evening, we have our dinner in Cannaregio, in a restaurant that had Palazzo in the name (but can't remember it exactly) ;-) It's situated next to the water, in a lovely patio with plants hanging down...and quite a lot of mozzies. ;-) We first had giant prawns wrapped in bacon (yummmm) and then a cutlet in a sauce of white wine and lemon with grilled veggies. Followed by a tiramisu. oh boy.