7 Sep 2012

Travel: Venice Day 4

29 August:

Today is a cultural day. We buy a museum pass and visit the Doge's Palace. When we start our visit it's relatively calm, cause it's still rather early. It's absolutely worth visiting. The place is just fabulous. And the prisons and crossing the Ponte dei Sospiri is a confronting thing. We have spent about 2 hours visiting the Palace.

After that, we head back to...yes, Cannaregio, and have our lunch there...Risotto with mushrooms (and white wine...of course) and then visit Ca' Pesaro. This is an old Venetian house which is now a modern art gallery. There's also a lovely oriental exposition.

Then we visit Ca' Rezzonico, again an old Venetian house but now with the furniture and art of those days. Very interesting! The supervisors are a bit weird, though. ;-)

We also spot Kate Hudson that day, wearing killer YSL heels. silly woman! :-) the next morning, some English tourists tells us they have spotted her as well. ;-)

We end the afternoon with a glass of Spritz (with Aperol) and then head back to the hotel.

We have made reservations at Gam Gam (the Jewish restaurant) and because our table wasn't available yet, we get a free prosecco. We first have a variety of entrees: deep fried artichokes with salsa, eggplant with tomato sauce and chick peas, falafel, various salsas and hummus with bread....followed by salmon haraimi. oh lord. just heavenly......We end it with a soy cappuccino. And the service was excellent. Such lovely people!