23 Dec 2012

Beauty: Lookfantastic order

I've been on an Urban Decay shopping extravaganza on lookfantastic.com some time ago. Apart from a lovely dark brown liquid eyeliner (not pictured cause it arrived in a different parcel), this is what I got...

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Urban Decay Loose Powder Foundation : the handiest powder ever. Plus beautiful result.
Urban Decay glimmer eyeliner: tested it and it's amazing on it's own and even better on top of black eyeliner. Disco Diva, baby!
Essie Wicked nailpolish. so, yes. another nailpolish. cough.
Seche Vite topcoat: lets your nails dry extra quickly and protects them as well.
Urban Decay All Nighter spray: got it as a free gift and should fix your make up on nights out.
Urban Decay tinted moisturizer with SPF 20

Urban Decay is since some time now my favourite make up label. The quality is amazing, the price is reasonable and (!) they are free of animal tests.
In fact, when they tried to introduce the label in China, and understood that animal tests are obliged there (seriously? In this day and age????) they pulled out of the Chinese market. All enough reason for me to wholeheartedly support them.