27 Dec 2012

Review: new products

Today,  I'll review 3 products.

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- Garnier Olia Hairdye:
Brand new type of hairdye I bought at Boots in Canterbury. I took the shade 'frosty chestnut' which is a lovey shade of brown with a touch of red in it.
The hairdye smells really lovely (which doesn't happen too often), is thick and lush and stays on your head properly whilst developing. Although I'm usually more a fan of the mousse type of hairdye, this is a strong contender.

- Seche Vite topcoat:
I bought this on lookfantastic.com and basically, I'm amazed beyond belief. This is the only topcoat worth having. After this, you won't want any other. It has to be applied just after finishing colouring your nails, so when the nailpolish is still a bit wet, and it makes your nails dry in NO TIME plus your nails are massively chip resistant and it protects the colour as well. I'm hooked!

- Etat Pur: Acide Citrique
It promises to make your skin more radiant when it looks dull in wintertime. Just 4 drops is enough. You must use it in the evening before you go to bed, and use it a couple of times a week (so not every evening)
When I used it the first time, my skin sort of got sucked in and started to glow (a warm feeling) that actually refrained me from falling asleep easily. In the morning, my skin did look quite radiant. Second time I applied it, I skipped one night, the feeling wasn't as extreme so it didn't bother me at all. And again, my skin looked more radiant in the morning.
This is obviously a very good solution for that horrid winter skin, a cure you can use for a limited time and you'll really experience the amazing effect.