2 Aug 2012

Beauty: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color

I'm very wary of commercials stating that lipstick or lipgloss lasts hours and hours. However, we have this consumer's program here, Volt,  that tests products and see what's real and what isn't. This lipgloss/lipstick did what it promised. So, worth to check it out!

The lipstick consists out of 2 separate sides: one side a lipglossy thing, the other end a lipstick.

First, you apply the coloured glossy lipgloss. You let it dry a bit....

Then, you apply the colourless lipstick.

And indeed, it stays on for hours and hours, even when you eat or drink. I applied it for a day trip last week, was hot, drank a lot, had lunch, and after all that, most of it still remained on my lips!
I must confess, you do 'feel' it more than a normal lipstick. But the quality is remarkable. 

It comes in a small variety of shades and I can totally recommend it.