7 Aug 2012

Beauty: The Falsies - Feather Look Mascara

Maybelline has a new mascara, Falsies - Feather-Look, promising voluminous lashes.

The formula is a new one, gel/mousse based. And it's excellent for contact lens wearers or people with  quickly irritated eyes.

The brush is a handy one, and the mascara can be applied very evenly on the lashes, using the tip of the brush for the smaller lashes on the sides.
It also stays good the whole day, you don't have any black bits falling off (so their claim regarding contact lens wearers is solid)

The mascara results in long, fine lashes so if you want something that creates a dramatic look, this is not the one you want. If you want lovely flirty lashes that keep up the good work for a whole day, this is exactly what you're looking for.