22 Aug 2012

Nails: 2 coloured nails

Some time ago, the lovely ladies at mllsdemode.be had a tutorial on how to make your nails look fabulous in two colours. This week, I tried it myself...

It's basically very easy...here's what you need:

- 2 contrasting colours of nailpolish (I used yellow and red)
- plastic rings (to be found in paperware shops)
- top coat

I first applied the yellow colour on my nails, let it dry and then put the plastic rings on the bottom of each nail. So half the ring is on the nail, the other half is already on your skin.
Then apply the other - in the case red - colour on the top half of your nail.
Et voilà!
To make it all look more evenly, it's best to apply a top coat on the whole nail.