29 Oct 2012

Shopping: Swishing

We all have one or more items we've bought and after wearing them once or twice, you feel it's not quite ... well... you. Or books you've read but don't want to keep, or dvd's, cd's, ...
Instead of taking them to a second hand shop, you can go to Swishing events!
This is the fun alternative to taking your stuff to a second hand shop and waiting whether it will be sold or not...cause you can return with new stuff yourself!

How does it work?
Find out on swishing.be where the next event is,
Look in your closet for clothes, shoes, dvds, cds, books,... that are still in good condition but you want to get rid of.
Take max. 20 items to the swishing event. There the host will have a close look at your items and mark it with 1, 2 or 3 (according to the condition/label/... of the item). The total amount of 'points' you have earned that way, is 'payed' to you in swishing coins.
With those coins you can buy items other people have brought to the swishing event.
You don't find anything or not enough to exchange all your coins? No worries, you can use them at a next event or on the online swishing platform.

Once all the items are displayed, everyone gets a chance to check it all out and try on the clothes they like. You remember what you want to have but hang it back.
After everyone is done, you can go to the item you want and if nobody else wants it, you go and pay with your coins. If you and someone else like an item, you have to start bidding.

All in all, good fun and you have the chance to go home with a real bargain!

Items that aren't bought by anyone can be either taken back home or you can leave it for charity.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us