12 Jul 2012

Beauty: Yes to Carrots

Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Blueberries is one of my favourite brands of beauty products and now you can also get them at Kruidvat in Belgium. Yay for that.
I tried the exfoliating facial cleanser containing carrots (obviously) and apricot seeds.

It's a lush product to use, quite creamy, with a slight scrub effect to it. Ideal for everyday use. It also smells divine and fresh. 

So how does it compare to my usual product by Yves Rocher?

hmmm...well, I must admit that I still prefer the Yves Rocher one. The scrub factor is higher, but maybe it is less nourishing than the Carrots one. One big advantage is that it lasts a lot longer than the Carrots one which runs empty quite quickly. The Yves Rocher one is also considerably cheaper. So cheaper + lasting longer...

But in itself it's a wonderful product.